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Here are reviews of  Future Israel and related literature, with responses
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Future Israel and Related Literature Reviews
Responses to Future Israel  have been overwhelmingly encouraging, and this is not to say that,
at the same time, some points of disagreement or suggested improvement,  have been absent.
A montage of these will be included. However there have also been a few of a more vociferous
and strident nature that need to be addressed.  

One such response is from Dr. Sam Waldron, academic dean and resident professor of
Systematic Theology at
The Midwest Center for Theological Studies, Owensboro, Kentucky.
This institution being of strong Reformed Baptist convictions, in which environment
amillennialism tends to prevail, his reaction is not altogether surprising.

However the aggressive and sometimes extreme tone of Dr. Waldron's responses does not
commend the arguments being made. That he felt like hurling
Future Israel across the room, that
it took about three weeks for him to regain his sanctification after reading it, that he charged Dr.
Horner with a form of reverse racism and might be likened to the notorious Pastor Jeremiah
Wright, sufficiently speak of inward unrest that does not necessarily reflect strength of conviction
(Zech. 8:16, 19)
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