Here Ryle's restorationist premillennialism is made plain
John Charles Ryle (1816-1900), the first Bishop of Liverpool, was, according to C.
H. Spurgeon's consideration of that period, "the best man in the Church of
England." In Macclesfield, Cheshire County, south of Manchester, there remains
today, at the church of St. Michael and All Angels, a memorial plaque rightly
describing him as, "A Man of Granite, with the Heart of a Little Child."

Anticipating a wealthy inheritance, the bank- ruptcy of his father was a crushing
blow for this young man. He was well educated at Eton and completed studies at
Oxford. Then thoughts of entering Parliament were abandoned upon Ryle's
conversion in 1837. As a result he was ordained as a minister of the Church of
England in 1841 and became a bishop in 1880.

His prolific writings were all marked by a kindly earnestness that reflected
unwavering commitment to Scripture and the Reformed Thirty-Nine Articles of the
Anglican Church. His publishing venture into premillennial eschatology indicates
the same firmness of conviction that marked his whole ministry. Here is the full
text of his
Coming Events and Present Duties.  Ryle's deep apreciation of
Horatius Bonar's
Prophetical Landmarks is to be noted.
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Coming Events and Present Duties
00Table of Contents, Forward and Preface
00Occupy Till I Come
00What Time Is It?
00IIdolatry to be Destroyed at Christ's Coming
00Scattered Israel to be Gathered
00The Reading which is Blessed
00And So All Israel Shall Be Saved0
00The Heirs of God
Quotations from Ryle's Gospel Commentaries
Jerusalem wall to
the Mount of Olives
J. C. Ryle
Who was J. C. Ryle?