Here are records about the history of pro-Judaism and anti-Judaism
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00Twenty Facts About Israel - Bennett, Kemp, Kirkpatrick
Future Israel addresses a longstanding  controversy that concerns major schools
of eschatology, especially as it relates to their ethical behavior toward the Jew.
To a considerable degree, it is either ignorance or conprehension at this juncture,
with regard to church history, that regulates a right understanding of what is at
stake here.

For this reason, it is vital that the relationship of the Christian Church toward the
Jew be honestly understood. It is granted that this record is not something about
which Christianity should be proud. Nevertheless, it is certainly widespread
ignorance today of history that presently produces ignorance of the relationship
between this sorry legacy and the eschatology that gave it birth.

May the following articles and reviews help to shed light and ultimately contribute
toward a change of Christian attitudes.
Byzantine Street
The Vital Importance of Church History