Judeo-centric eschatology in relation to evangelism
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00Barry Horner
00Evangelism and the Future of Israel
00Evangelism and Jewish Priority
00Evangelism by Means of Jews
00Evangelism by Means of Gentiles
00Evangelism by Means of Literature
00Evangelism by Means of Conversation
The Priority of Jewish Evangelism
According to the Apostle Paul, the Christian gospel "is the power of God for
salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. This
priority is both a present reality and imperative, and not merely that which was
operative at the birth of the Christian church. But how is this priority to be imple-
mented? Surely all of Paul's itinerant ministry shows us the way. Refer to
, p. 253.  
In J. C. Ryle's Coming Events and Present Duties, pp. 89-90, he comments that,
"it is a duty incumbent on all Gentile Christians, to use special efforts to promote
the conversion of the Jews. I say special efforts advisedly. The Jews are a
peculiar people and must be approached in a peculiar way. They are peculiar in
their state of mind. They require an entirely different treatment from the
heathen." We give special attention here as to how these peculiarities ought to
be addressed.
Greek Church
outside Jerusalem