C. H. Spurgeon on the Future of Israel
00The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews - Ezek. 37:1-10
00The Vine of Israel - Ps. 80:14
00Spurgeon and Israel - Miscellaneous References
00Spurgeon and Eschatology - Dennis Swanson (Link)
00Spurgeon and the Nation of Israel - Dennis Swanson (Link)
Unquestionably Spurgeon was premillennial in his eschatology and not at all
dispensational. However, in the one redeemed people of God, especially in the
future Messianic/millennial kingdom, he believed that God willcontinues to
distinguish between Israel and the Gentile nations.
The following sermons and excerpts bear plain testimony to the special interest
that Spurgeon had in the Jewish people. In this concern he was stimulated by
the belief that God continued to have a covenantal interest in the future destiny
of the Jew, ethnically, nationally, and territorially, and that in spite of present
widespread unbelief.
C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) was the most notable evangelical Calvinist Baptist
preacher in English history. In preaching Christ as the Savior of believing sinners
to thousands in London, his renown became international. His sermons totaled
3,561, still available today in 63 volumes. Although involved in a multitude of
subsidiary ministries, nevertheless Spurgeon's powerful, eloquent preaching of
the Word of God was immensely fruitful in terms of the salvation of souls having
no hope in this world.
Here Spurgeon's restorationist premillennialism is made plain
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