1   Future Israel Ministries is committed to the biblical belief that “God has not
rejected His people [Israel” (Rom. 11:1). We assert that here, even in this one
verse, as the whole Bible declares, the apostle Paul has the ethnic, national
and territorial inheritance of Israel in mind, and not merely some symbolic,
extrapolated representation of “spiritual Israelites.” This perspective, so
shamefully displayed through centuries of church history, has had profound
ethical and evangelistic ramifications.
2   Future Israel Ministries is preeminently Christian, that is it believes the
only hope for the sinful Jew or Gentile is reconciliation with the God of Abraham
through faith alone in God's atoning Lamb, that is "a branch from the stem of
Jesse" (Isa. 11:1), the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the risen King of Israel
(John 1:29, 41, 49; Acts 28:20). However, such unity in the gospel of the
sovereign grace of God in no way eliminates ethnic diversity within the one,
eschatological redeemed people of God.
3   Future Israel Ministries is distressed at the anti-Judaic attitude of many
Christians, based upon unbiblical exegesis and theology, usually Augustinian
and Gentile in perspective, which detracts from fruitful missionary outreach to
the Jew. Here is commitment to biblical exegesis and theology that, in not
forsaking the Jewish roots which are so foundational to a right understanding of
the New Testament, results in a coherent and unified presentation of gospel
4   Future Israel Ministries is committed to proclamation to Jew and Gentile of
Jesus as the redeeming Messiah. It was He Himself who declared that
“salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22), yet to them He declared that “unless
you believe that I am He [the divine Son of God], you will die in your sins”
(John 8:24). So with this in mind, the thrust of this web site will be in the
context of the whole of the truthful Word of God. It will be a heralding ministry
that also incorporates teaching and publishing.
5   Future Israel Ministries invites the interaction of serious minded students
of the Word of God who, while holding to a diversity of eschatological
convictions, nevertheless acknowledge the priority of the issue of the divine
destiny of Israel, its people and land, in conjunction with the nations, but
especially as it relates to “the King of the Jews.” The author of this web site
will endeavor to maintain a fair and balanced approach, the tenor of which he
desires will glorify God.
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The principles upon which Future Israel Ministries is based
Over the centuries, since the ministry of Jesus Christ and the birth of the
Christian church, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity has been
one of unending tension. Especially within Christianity, any acknowledgment of
ongoing distinctive Jewish identity has been fraught with controversy and stern
repudiation. It has to be admitted that, within Christendom in a broad sense,
the prevailing belief has continued to be that the Jew, the nation of Israel and
the land, have, on account of unbelief and disobedience, earned permanent
passé status. In other words, it is declared that this ancient people has forever
forfeited its covenant relationship with God.

Such an estimate has not been without painful consequences, especially the
fact that many Christians have treated the Jews as having become persona non
grata in the sight of God. The only hope for such a forlorn people is said to be
their ultimate absorption into the Christian church with the result being the loss
of historic Jewishness. Any continued attachment to the past Old Testament
legacy can only be retained in abstract, symbolic terms; to claim that God
continues to recognize Jewishness, that which is ethnic, national and territorial,
is said to revert to carnal, outmoded concepts with regard to the kingdom of
God. Hence, the following five principles are vigorously affirmed.
From Gethsemane to
the Golden Gate
Dr. Barry Horner
from Melbourne, Australia,
is a graduate of
George Fox University,
Newberg, Oregon,
Western Conservative
Baprist  Seminary
Portland, Oregon,  and

Westminster Theological
Seminary , California.
From  Gethsemane
to the Golden Gate
The five principles of a Christian, Judeo-centric eschatology