“From the standpoint of the gospel they [unbelieving national Israel] are enemies
for your [the Gentiles’] sake, but from the standpoint of God’s choice [His election
of the nation of Israel] they [unbelieving national Israel] are beloved for the
[covenantal] sake of the fathers [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” (Romans 11:28).
If not, then we would urge you to go to near the top of the Horatius Bonar page.
Whether a Jew or Gentile, open up and read the book titled,
God's Way of Peace.
Here is a readable, warm-hearted, yet faithful presentation of what it is to
become a Christian in the clearest, most biblical and challenging terms.
Perhaps you do not claim to be a Christian!
Future Israel is featured to the right and may be purchased at www.amazon.com.
Also at Amazon you will find more details of the front and back covers, table of
contents, copyright, index, an excerpt, and several reviews.
A Christian affirmation of Israel's ethnic, national and territorial identity
Future Israel Ministries is the result of widespread response to a book published in
2007 by Dr. Barry Horner titled
Future Israel. There has been overwhelming
encouragement in this regard from both Jewish and Gentile Christians, along with
some vigorous disagreement. This has brought to the fore the need of a forum
where Christian Judeo-centric theology confronts a resurgent anti-Judaic Augustinian
eschatology, more commonly known as supercessionism


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